Rocks and Old Barns

Chapel Rock in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Area is absolutely one of my favorite places.  I have hiked out there numerous times for mostly two reasons.  One, to commune with the lone pine tree growing out of the sandstone; and two, to make sure it’s ok.  I will go out again in the spring to make sure it survived the winter.  The first word that comes to mind when I see it: PERSEVERANCE.  When I first came out here, the fence and information placard was not there and you could walk right up to the base of the structure.  I’m actually glad the Forest Services installed a fence around it.  It may deter a few people from ‘taking’ a piece of it, and it just may survive longer.Chapel Rock5-2

I have run this picture through many different styles and the ones I like the most are the ‘watery’ ones such as Aquarell, Watercolor, and Wet on Wet.  Here’s what this image looks like in Aquarell.

Chapel Rock5_Aquarell

One of the main differences I seen between Aquarell and Watercolor is Watercolor uses more “line” type details.  Especially on the trees.

During my daily walks (as long as it’s above 0 deg!) I have become interested in the old barns in my area.  I know this area used to have more operating farms than it does now, and seeing an old barn seems kind of nostalgic, a snapshot of what used to be.Old Barn3-2

I converted this picture to two different styles, Watercolor and Chalk.  They are both good and both very different from each other.

Old Barn3_Watercolor

The Watercolor is on the left and the Chalk is on the right.  Enjoy!



Old Barn3_Chalk

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2 Responses to Rocks and Old Barns

  1. Do you paint or limit your work to photography?

    • boats201 says:

      Photography is something I do almost every day. It seems unnatural to go somewhere without my camera. I also love to do Sharpie Art, Doodles, ZenTangles, and I also paint the bird houses/bird feeders that my husband makes. One thing I have done since I was a kid is Paint-by-Numbers and I still do those occasionally when I want to do something totally different. Thanks so much for the comment.

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