Jordan River Valley Hike

For those of us who live or have lived in Michigan know, if you wait on good weather to do anything outside, you’d never get anything done!  So on Thursday, May 31st, we set out to do another section of the North Country Trail.  We were forecast to have a chance of rain, but when we arrived at the trailhead, it was raining very hard.  Since we do a lot of outdoor activities, we were prepared with rain gear and ponchos.  This was our first time hiking in the Jordan River Valley so we weren’t sure what to expect.


View of the Jordan River Valley from the North Country Trail.


Had to don both my rain gear and poncho.  I know I look like a yellow peep, but I am dry!


Very hilly terrain, but thankfully the Trail Chapters take good care of the trail.


This is the very first time I’ve seen Pink Lady Slippers!  They are absolutely gorgeous.  We found them in a very small area.


Shortly after seeing the Pink Lady Slippers, I came across this one bunch of Yellow Lady Slippers!  What a treat, and again, they were only in a very small area.


I must have been quite a wind storm to bring this big guy down!

Did not realize we were going to cross the 45th Parallel.  We are half-way to the North Pole!!


When you think of ‘fungus’, you may not think of something this beautiful!


These unknown ferns were also very cool, it’s amazing what you can find in nature!


It was beginning to clear up as we made our way back to the car, it was a great hike, and as I’m not made of sugar, I didn’t melt!



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