Finally On The Trail Again

After my visit with family on June 20th, myself and my husband came down with nasty summer colds.  Being sick in the summer, in my mind, is the worst.  For some reason, it always seems harder to shake a cold in the summer than in the winter.   After three weeks of being laid out, I couldn’t take it any longer, and since I felt somewhat better, I decided to hit the trail yesterday and continue working towards my Hike 100 Challenge.  I had originally planned to do a couple of separate sections that would complete an area near Mancelona.  The first being 3.8 miles and the second being 4.0 miles.  After two days of severe thunderstorms, I knew the trail would be wet and buggy, and it definitely lived up to that!

When we found the trail crossing and I seen the overgrown area just beyond the sign, I knew my bug net (which is hanging out of my pocket) was an essential!  Thankfully it did clear up further down the trail.


Last time I hiked in this area, the ferns were just emerging, now in some areas, they were almost up to my shoulders.  I felt like I was in some prehistoric area and needed to look out for dinosaurs!


I really liked the original picture of the trail and decided to see what it would look like in a watercolor medium.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.


One of the two power line crossings that I was actually able to catch a breeze and take my head net off.


This was a fresh break that I could only assume came just recently from the nasty thunderstorm that rolled through on Wednesday and Thursday.


Came to a clearing that had been logged some years ago, and was surprised to see a large area of foxglove growing.  I’ve seen it in personal flower gardens before, but never in the wild.  It was quite a large area and the colors ranged from white to this purple.  It was quite a treat.

After my first 3.8 miles, Robert was waiting with the car to take me to my next 4 mile section, but unfortunately, my energy was totally depleted and I knew I couldn’t do another 4 miles.  So I called it a day and we headed into Mancelona for a picnic lunch and a gas station so I could put some dry shoes and clothes on.  I could definitely tell I have been away from the trail for a while, but it was quite a morale boost to be in the woods again.  Hopefully this cold will depart and soon!!



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