Beautiful Day On The Trail

Could not pass up this beautiful day:  temps in the 70’s, beautiful blue skies, low humidity.  It’s hard to believe the calendar says mid July!  Picked a section of the North Country Trail about 10 miles south of the Fife Lake area where the trail runs along the Manistee River and the Fife Lake Creek.  Robert decided to join me today so it was an out-and-back hike, but still able to add 6.2 miles to my Hike 100 Challenge.

Not far down the trail, I spotted this ‘colored’ leaf.  Is this a sign of an early Fall!!!


It was very buggy once on the trail, but a little bug spray and a head net and all was well.


Thanks to the Grand Traverse Chapter for the trail maintenance and the great bench overlooking the Manistee River.  We took a nice break there on our way back.

Came across a lot of wildflowers which I was not expecting, but definitely was great to see.  The butterflies, bees and other little insects where hard at work as we hiked by.

After reaching 4 Road, which was our turn around point, we decided to do the ‘scenic spur’ which took us down to the Fife Lake Creek and eat our snacks there.  What a neat place!  Even spotted a little Brook Trout in the creek.

It was a beautiful day for a hike, and any day spent in the woods is a great day!



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